2023 Manifesto

Bringing people together, helping everyone thrive

Labour’s manifesto for East Lindsey District Council in 2023 is our vision for the way we would like to see the district develop. We will always put the health, wellbeing, and prosperity of people first, while striving to create an environment in which everyone can thrive.

Key pledges include:

  • We will lobby for higher-wage skilled work to come to this area, particularly in the low-carbon green industries that we will need to ensure energy independence.
  • We will champion better disabled access in towns and in our own buildings.
  • We will oppose the siting of the nuclear waste facility offshore at the former gas terminal at Theddlethorpe.
  • Where planning laws allow, we will install solar power cells on all public buildings that we control. We will ensure that all council buildings will be as carbon efficient and environmentally friendly as possible. We will carry out a feasibility study into solar charging points over council car parks, and will install them where the business case is made.
  • We will move to have electric vehicle recharging points in every location owned by the council – not just selected car parks.
  • We will lobby, as a minimum, to maintain funding to the Wellbeing Service at East Lindsey, but also to increase it.
  • We will invest in skate parks, playgrounds, and play parks and ensure that they are maintained and usable.
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